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I help young women in high-school or college create a personal development plan guided by their passion and aligned with their unique personality strength so that they build a career and live a life they love.

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Your Dream

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Your Passion

Consistently Practice

Life Is Too Short To Look Back With Regret

You know how you think 'this career would be nice to have' but then a voice of disbelief crushes your dream? It might say ' that's nice BUT wouldn't it be awful if ___________'?

Young women often let the this voice influence their choices, only to look back with regret.  

Going with the flow without a career development plan that you lead can leave you looking at other people's career, wishing you were further ahead in yours.

Missing out on career advancement opportunities because you were not prepared with the appropriate skills is frustrating.

It doesn't have to be like this. You shouldn't let anything sidetrack you from following your career dream and choosing the path that may lead you to the lifestyle and career you really want.  

You Have What It Takes Within You To Make Your Dreams Come True

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Your Dream Matters

At Navigate Your Life, we know that you want to stand out above the crowd in your chosen field and live the lifestyle you want. To do that, you need to choose the career path that aligns with your unique strengths, create a plan that will help you get there and develop the leadership skills to continually navigate your life's journey to the future destination you envision. The problem is the people close to you, including yourself, fear that dream is not realistic, which makes you feel frustrated, uncertain, and anxious about wasting your time and money on building a career that doesn’t excite you.

You shouldn’t let anything sidetrack you from following your dream and choosing a path that leads where you want your career to go. We don’t just believe dreams matter; we know you have what it takes within you to make them come true! I understand what it is like to look back and wonder where my career would be today had I only let my dream of being a teacher guide me instead of my fear of speaking in front of a classroom of kids.

I help young women like you stand out above the crowd and have a career you love. It is a unique program where you learn how to create a personal development plan that is guided by your unique personality strengths. Unlike many programs that focus on teaching the technical skills only, this one-on-one program enables you to build a career path that:

  • boldly follows your dream,
  • focuses on moments that matter most to you, and
  • develop the leadership skills you may not know you need to turn your dream into reality.
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Three Steps to Have a Career You Love

Step 1: Book a Virtual Coffee

Let's talk about what you want your future to look like in 10 years and see if it is a good fit for us to work together to dig further into what is most important about that dream and the things you need to start developing today to ensure you are ready for tomorrow's opportunities . 

Step 2: Create Your Plan

Guided by your dream, I help you create a personal development plan that includes traditional and non-traditional learning opportunities to identify your unique strengths, develop your leadership skills, and builds confidence the value you offer.

Step 3: Love What You Do

As you take ACTion you are turning your idea into reality one strategic goal at at time.  Your enthusiasm will demonstrate, the value you easily deliver and your ability to lead will naturally stand out to your future employer and/or clients. 

Why Trust Marianne?

I Know What It's Like To Look Back With Regret & What It Takes To Turn Your Dream Into Reality  

I Know My Strengths

It took me 20 years to understand working in my strengths zone not only gave me 80% of my results with 20% of the effort; it brought me happiness and reduced my stress. It shouldn't take you that long to figure out the power of your unique strengths. 

Dreams Guide My Path

At 17, I dreamed of working with youth but I chose a different career path. I thought my dream died but instead it guided me on a path to develop skills I needed to help young women turn their dreams into reality. I started with my daughter who turned her dream career into a thriving photography business. Will you you next?  

I Continually Learn

Learning is one of my top 5 strengths and I continually invest my own time and money to grow as an entrepreneur, project management professional, leadership coach and trainer. This allows me to share my knowledge with the people I serve. 

Most Importantly...I Believe In You

I believe in your dreams, I know you have what it takes within you to make them come true and I see future opportunities you may not see.  If you're ready to do what it takes to follow your dream, I am ready to be the guide by your side that shows you how to turn your career dream into reality. 

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10 Questions to Test your Dream Career or Business

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